Welcome to Pendragon

Welcome to Pendragon Adventure Retreats

Pendragon is a brand new facility offering various Equine Retreats & Activities based in the heart of the Pen Bedw Country Estate in beautiful North Wales.

We bring together a range of services under one roof.

Firstly we offer training and rehabilitation for clients horses. Secondly, we use our own rehabilitated horses as an integral part of the team. They provide the energetic backdrop for the other activities that take place. Equine-assisted learning, therapy and healing for clients of all ages, disposition, and ability.

We can cater for individuals or groups right up to corporate days and events.
From a one hour session up to a week’s long retreat with accommodation.
Exciting demonstrations, evening group walks/talks and personal quest days are also available.

Every activity we offer has a connection to mother nature at its heart.
We invite you to rediscover the simple, natural inner you.
A time and place you may have forgotten….fall into nature and let her guide the way.

Pendragon sits within the beautiful historic Country Estate of Pen Bedw in the foot hills of the Clwydian mountain range, within 25mins drive from Chester and only an hour from Manchester. A two hour express train available from London and a pick up service available from station to take the stress out of your arrival.

Pendragon draws its name from the rich Celtic history that came before it on the land on which it lies. Ancient celts would worship Dragons throughout Wales along specific paths which were called dragon ley lines.

These mapped paths would crisscross the mystic lands and where they intersected lay the most sacred of spots for these ancient people.

Here they worshipped, ran cermonies and built huge stone circles to show their importance. Such a spot and such a stone circle lie just beyond Pendragon, it sits above the facility keeping watch and providing a unmatched place of spiritual peace and tranquility.

Just as it did all those years ago…