Corporate & Team Building

How do we create a day where all personalities and all strengths are catered for?
How do we ignore the obvious?
Search for the hidden and create an environment where everybody learns, gains and grows together?

…Its simple, we look to nature for our example!

Nature is unique in our quest for such a platform as it is without the one thing we fall short on. Our ego. Ego isn’t just the brash character in the front needing to be seen and heard. It is within us all, holding us back, pushing us forward, making our decisions.

Yet if we create a dialogue free from ego, if we strip back the layers to create a playing field where we can recognise when ego is getting involved…in ourselves as well as in others; Then we have a chance of truly making a difference in group dynamics that will last long after leaving the team day behind.

Are we selecting leaders on the correct qualities?
Are we aware of our emotional impact on others?
Can we have empathy above and beyond our own needs and insecurities?
Ultimately it leads to collapsing our ego without collapsing emotionally.
Not as easy as it sounds…but so effective in pulling a group together.

True strength is being truly gentle. Lessons from horses and nature that breathe fresh air into team-building events and activities.

Available for one or two days.
Up to a maximum of 12 people.
Accommodation included for two days.

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