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Primarily the retreats are jointly run by Henrietta Wynfinch and Damian Jones.

We work together through nature based activities and tasks within a safe haven of acceptance and understanding to find the real you and unlock your deepest potential.

This work differs from so many other facilities not only having its routes deeply planted in nature and utilising horses and horse psychology but also in not focusing on people’s problems and thrashing out their past.

We rather focus on providing an environment of simplicity and balance, a respite from the strains and stresses of everyday life. A time and place that’s far from complicated that allows us to slow down just enough to catch our breath.

To glimpse what’s truly important.
To remember our roots our beliefs our history.
To truly make a change in someone’s life by shifting perspective.

We all suffer today from a lack of connection. Be it to the stranger in the street or even to our own friends and families. Let this process reconnect your very essence to everything and everyone around you.

Retreats vary in duration from one day to five days with or without accommodation. Damian and Henrietta also are available individually for one to one sessions on a weekly/monthly basis.

The focus of retreats may vary from:
Anxiety, Depression, Motivation, Adventure, All male or female, Digital Detox, Young Adults & Children.

Current available Packages

Family Sessions

The family dynamic has seen a dramatic change over recent years. This new world of increasing technology has presented a challenge to the traditional family unit. With access to the world at a touch of a button not just for our children at what seems an ever decreasing age but also for us as parents.

Our individual paths within the structure of this family unit are pulled and pushed in many different directions.  Then ultimately in many ways, the precious times we truly connect as a family may get more seldom and fragile as the months and years fly by.

All families are a series of relationships and if we don’t nurture and devote time to these relationships we can be left with lines of communication becoming strained and compromised.  Families become ever distant from one another and the understanding of each others needs, dreams, desires and problems can ultimately result in broken hearts and broken homes.

Never before has the need for a stable family environment been more prevalent then right now in the pressures of the modern world.

How families benefit:

  • We would like to offer your family a chance to reconnect.
  • To reconnect through activities, fun and adventure.
  • To remember the basics of any healthy relationship.
  • Communication and understanding.
  • An invitation to leave the mobile phones to one side.
  • To loose yourselves in nature for a couple of hours.
  • Make some new four legged friends.
  • Talk, Laugh and explore new ideas.
  • Some old stories and live in the present while you as a family remember the secrets of the simple way of life.
  • All enjoyed in a beautiful environment in the heart of the Welsh countryside.
We offer the full facilities at Pendragon while presenting a range of activities from mind games to physical challenges, from treasure hunts to just having fun playing with the animals. All activites are geared to allow you to forget the outside world and bring you together for a much needed reconnection.
We are not just an activity based destination; Through the work we undertake with the troubled horses and also helping with people problems too, we offer so much more than that….if there’s a member of your family thats beginning to struggle or feel isolated, down or lost we can help identify the triggers within the family environment that may be hindering or actually causing these feelings.
Working together to make subtle changes that may turn the tide of developing behaviours.
The prices are below for these family sessions:
1 hour £ 95
2 hour £ 175
3 hour £ 250
4 hour £ 320

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