Horse Training & Connection

We offer full training facilities and accommodation for horses (and if required owner).

Fully lit indoor arena, 14ft x 14ft indoor open stalls, amazing outriding over some of the most picturesque hills and trails in North Wales right on our doorstep. A range of training packages that start from a one hour session either at Pendragon or your own yard, right the way up to the full foundation training program for horse and owner from one to five months.

By helping you and your horse with any problems you may be facing we can give you the tools and the knowledge to deal with these problems yourself in the future.

Unlike many other horse trainers who may use lessons or procedure to achieve short term goals, often creating resentment and pressure… we teach intuition, feel and energy exchanges to reach a whole new level of communication that may not seem possible at first, but will ultimately forever change the way yourself and your horse interact.

Even if your horse on the outside is presenting no problems there is still so much we can learn about him.

Wouldn’t you like to know what he thinks and feels to better understand him in the future?

Yet we need to ask ourselves… Are we quiet enough to hear his story?